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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple, we love beautiful and functional pieces that carry a timeless aesthetic. We believe that your living space should be a source of inspiration, a place where you’re surrounded with home and lifestyle wares that elevate the everyday. Furthermore, we want to encourage people to reduce their production of waste and adopt a more mindful approach to buying. Given this, we seek out goods produced by small scale manufacturers, artisans and designers who also subscribe to this philosophy. The result is a collection of beautiful, lasting pieces!


Who We Are

Created by husband and wife Joël and Danielle Cyr, MÛR is fuelled by Danielle’s insatiable passion for design and Joël’s entrepreneurial flair. They have combined their expertise and have created MÛR, a curated collection of simple, beautiful and useful products for everyday living.

MÛR is French for ripe. It is defined as something that is developed to the point of readiness, fully matured like a pear that is ready to be picked and savoured.

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